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Micrographics and Document Restoration

Florida Microfilm offers archival underground vault storage for all multimedia including microfilm, CD's, and tapes.  Our in-house sales and service department can offer you the best in microform viewing and printing equipment.

Scanning source documents such as accounting files, medical records, and government documents to CD is our specialty.

For more information or to request a quote on your archival storage needs,
contact Gail Murphy at 1-800-886-3318.


Digital Imaging

Florida Microfilm can turn your countless filing cabinets of records into just a handful of CD's.  Easy storage and easy access!  Florida Microfilm also offers a complete line of in office digital imaging equipment.

For more information about converting your files with digital imaging,
contact Gail Murphy at 1-800-886-3318.



Florida Microfilm's in-house printing and graphics departments offer special services to help you customize your business.  Everything for forms and invoices to envelopes.

Let us help you create the professional business image required to succeed in today's world.

For more information,
contact us at 1-800-886-3318.